Assistant Teacher
The Pennsylvania State University – State College, Pennsylvania

Work with Geography Department to provide support to students enrolled in the Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems.


Lead/Senior GIS Specialist
PacifiCorp – Portland, Oregon

Assisted in planning long-term and short-term goals for the GIS department. Conducted employee interviews, management, and training. Responsible for deriving and documenting analytical procedures. Fostered and maintained client relationships and ensured high quality customer service. Assisted in planning for future GIS needs. Modeled and administered GIS database using ArcSDE, Oracle, and Microsoft Access.


GIS Specialist
PacifiCorp – Portland, Oregon

Provided full GIS support for various clients using ArcInfo, FME, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, AutoCAD, and various other software packages. Created maps and report figures, and created, analyzed, and manipulated data. Modeled and administered company-wide database using Oracle and ArcSDE. Provided support for web-based mapping service using ArcIMS. Supported field operations by preparing and post-processing GPS data using ArcPad and Trimble Pathfinder Office. Primarily worked with renewable energy departments, including hydroelectric licensing and operations support and wind energy prospecting analysis. Formally recognized several times for excellence in work quality and customer service.


GIS Coordinator
Environmental Alliance – Wilmington, Delaware

Created various graphics and report figures using ArcGIS, AutoCAD, EVS, and other software packages. Dynamically managed EQuIS database via SQL. Created original data and manipulated mined data including groundwater elevations, analytical chemical concentrations, topographic data, and aerial photography. Conducted various field operations including groundwater and soil collection and sampling. Performed GPS data collection and stake-out, and surveying for location and elevation. Routinely assisted in environmental assessment processes.


Land Survey Technician
Eastern States Engineering (Toll Brothers, Inc.) – Horsham, Pennsylvania

Calculated stake-out information for use by field surveyors using AutoCAD and Trimble Pathfinder Office. Helped to manage and schedule numerous surveying crews. Assisted surveyors with problem solving and real-time information acquisition. Managed field work orders and client relations. Provided technical support to field surveyors regarding plans and equipment. Calculated several budget estimations and helped in bidding processes. Drafted various as-built surveys and analyzed topographic data for clients.


Instrument Operator
Eastern States Engineering (Toll Brothers, Inc.) – Horsham, Pennsylvania

Assisted Party Chief in conducting various survey and stake-out procedures. Trained in instrument operation, stake-out and as-built surveying, and other survey methods.


Research Assistant
The Pennsylvania State University – State College, Pennsylvania

Assisted in cartographically interpreting historical trade data. Responsible for manipulating data via Microsoft Access and Excel to produce various maps and graphs for data analysis. Aided in the design, construction, and implementation of an associated database using Oracle.